LifeWave is a leading health and wellness company founded in 2004 by CEO David Schmidt. The company focuses its efforts on manufacturing and marketing technology that provides customers with an alternative means for achieving an improvement in overall health and wellness. The company’s mission rests on helping people feel better, look younger, and lead more joyful lives through offerings that tap into the body’s natural energy and resilience.

The company’s work is supported by its CEOʼs extensive experience as an inventor and business owner/operator.  Throughout thirty years in business, Schmidt has worked on a wide range of projects to create and develop innovative, useful methods and technologies, such as a bladeless turbine and a new way to generate energy within the body without the use of harmful stimulants or chemicals. As a result of his efforts, he now holds almost 100 patents and many more pending, with more than 70 of his issued patents in the field of regenerative science.

The company is best known for is its line of phototherapy patches: wearable technology that looks like a patch.  Phototherapy, the process of using light for its therapeutic properties, is common in many areas of health and wellness. The phototherapy patches are set apart by their ability to harness specific wavelengths of light that the patches cause to be reflected into the body to achieve particular outcomes. One recent example of the companyʼs continuing innovation is its X39® patches. These patches, in published blood and urine clinical research studies, have been shown to elevate a copper peptide known to activate stem cells.  That leads to any number of benefits associated with more active and effective stem cells such as pain relief, reduced inflammation, mental clarity, improved skin appearance and more.

As a result of its success in helping consumers with its ever-expanding line of patches, LifeWave has grown rapidly since its founding. With its products now distributed in more than 80 countries, the company has offices and distribution centers across the globe. Its accelerating growth has led to its inclusion on Inc Magazineʼs list of fastest-growing companies multiple years.

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